India regional dishes make the Sub-continent's food incredibly rich, varied and quite distinguishable. The real Indian cooking has much more to over then what is served up in so many Indian restaurants outside India.
History has played an important role in the development of flavours and the introduction of new ingredients into the food, The Mongol invaders brought with them their Persian style of cooking, while Portuguese, who ruled Goa on the west coast for four centuries introduced ingredients such as chillies, peppers, tomatoes andsashew nuts. The British colonialists of Raj also left greens such as cabbages, runner beans Ind broad beans in their wake.
In this menu i have inchfuled thi most popMl dishes from the prelitous one and have added some new ones. I have ta`ken great pleasure in creating this second menu for Tamarind and I hope it is to your liking.
Why an Indian meal : The world's eating preferences are becoming unified. First, it was the high protein diet that won a following, then the white meat variation of the protein-dominated diet took over. Now the world is moving towards the Mediterranean dite, Dominated by carbohydrates, flavored with oil, tomatoes and basil. Thai cuisine, with its aromatic blend of herbs, chilli, ginger and lemon flavour is becoming increasingly popular. Indian cuisine combines all of these characteristics..